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We have not only developed Greengauge for Australian conditions, we have also invested 1000's of hours into developing one of the worlds premier sports bases called SPORTCRETE.

Our Sportcrete base system is designed for the unique application of lawn bowls where the combination of level flatness, strength, durability and drainage must all come together. 

Sportcrete is an engineered sport base that has been developed and patented by Greengauge. The technology breakthrough in the Sportcrete base relates to the hydraulic draw properties where the geometry creates a capilliary water suction whilst maintaining a concrete like strength.   

  • Equivalent strength to 15 MPa concrete 
  • Free draining up to 200 mm per hour
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • If required it can be repaired with ease

Construction of your Sportcrete base and installation of your Greengauge surafce is only completed by our highly trained professional people.

We construct bowling greens not becasue they are easy to build, but because they are hard. Building a bowling green requires a commitment to tolerances, a commitment to technology, a level of concentration and attention to detail that Greengauge pride themselves in being able to deliver.   

Engineering and technology are the cornerstone of our business