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Established over twenty years ago by the Leslie family, Greengauge are proud to be Australasia’s most trusted and respected woven carpet for lawn bowls.

Our early history dates back to using manufacturing methods that were first developed in the UK for woven bowls surfaces. Since then we have used new and innovative techniques so that we remain pioneers in our field. The result is Greengauge produces the only woven carpet specifically designed for lawn bowls in the southern hemisphere.

At Greengauge we control the entire woven surface manufacturing process from sourcing the raw material through to spinning of the yarn and finally weaving the carpets on our very own looms.

Our dedicated team of skilled individuals are committed to our quality processes where we create the trusted Greengauge GG3 woven product.

This unique capability provides peace of mind for our clients that they are receiving the highest standard of quality, knowing that Greengauge is the most Reliable, Durable and Consistent product available in the market place today.

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